Brady Hayek

Job Title: Proprietor
Biography: Born in Cheyenne, WY and raised in Thermopolis, WY Brady is a true Wyomingite.

After finishing college, Brady spent seven years working for the late U.S. Senator Craig Thomas in Washington, D.C. It was during this time in D.C. that Brady’s passion for tobacco became evident, particularly cigars, as well as his desire to move back to his home state of Wyoming.

Brady landed in Jackson Hole in January of 2001, where he served a few years as a Partner in the Public Relations firm, Brimmer Communications. During this time he also created The Teton Group, a small client focused real estate development firm also located in Jackson Hole, which he stills runs today.

In May of 2009, Brady purchased Tobacco Row from longtime former owner and cigar enthusiast, Richard Choate. Today, Tobacco Row remains a landmark in Jackson Hole’s Town Square offering the best the tobacco industry has to offer for its customers.

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